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Well, there were plans for this blog but clearly they have failed. Hopefully one day it will return but when one is abandoned by another, what can you do? My passion is now gone. Maybe some day?


Game Boy Advance Reloaded – Game Boy Interface

I love the Game Boy Advance. This little portable was truly one of the last major hurrahs in traditional 2D gaming. It was a platform in which development progressed much as it did during the 90s – an old style of game development. Unfortunately, it was also a platform limited by the hardware itself. Each iteration of the handheld is limited in some way that makes approaching it in 2015 a bit difficult. Sure, I’ve swapped in a GBA SP+ backlit screen into an original “phat” GBA shell which is, of course, the most comfortable way to play GBA games on real hardware – but it’s still not optimal. What I’ve always wanted is a great way to enjoy GBA titles on a television screen. When Nintendo announced the Game Boy Player, I thought it was to the answer, but the reality is very different.

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I ordered an Analogue NT. After two decades it was finally shipped to me. I wrote a whole lot about it.

I Like Old Stuff

Emotion is what fuels the enthusiast.  Desire is the drive of the collector.  These are crucial components to this story because in early 2014 when Analogue Interactive announced the NT, their ground-up redesign of the Nintendo Entertainment System, featuring sharp RGB video output, I already owned two other NES machines capable of RGB.  A lot of what Analogue was selling with this system was lost on me.  I didn’t care that it was going to have four controller ports.  The second cartridge slot for Famicom games wasn’t enticing to me because I had never collected Famicom games.  I certainly didn’t give a shit that they were making it out of aluminum.  But I wanted the NT all the same.  I wanted to see what this machine could do with Mega Man 3.  I needed to know.  Pure emotion, zero logic or fiscal responsibility.  Analogue offered just a picture, a promise, and a price.  I placed my pre-order, and the waiting began.

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